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Have had car for a week & need to use for work but now.I'm back to square 1 since the stupid Anti theft system has screwed me out of 2 days of money. What's the first steps to take so my cat runs? Do I need to get ano...
Its presently disabled in a bad location & I've tried several things to try & disarm the system but to no avail. There's no noise, no clicks or anything when I attempt to turn over but there is.power on radio, windows...
daughter tried to shift to reverse and shift handle popped up cant get it back down and shifter it self is just fine
I have a gas leak around left front side of the motor, might be the charcoal canister (part # is SAE PA66 ) ;i don't know where is it located.
Just bought 1996 SunFire with 2.2. Engine has is noisy had ticking sound, runs rough and does not want to rev up. Any suggestions? I am disabled, spent $800 last month on my Chrysler only to have to junk it, can't aff...
how to adjust valves on a 1996 pontiac sunfire 2.4 liter
front and rear brakes replaced but dont have much braking power
we have tried diffrent cluster still no panel Lights (idiot lights)
My relay for my fuel pump is rapidly clicking there is fuel going to the car( I can smell it) but the engine just turns over and over with no start. The fuel pump, filter,gas tank have all been replace. recently have ...
cyl 1 2 4 have no compression cyl 3 has 150 pounds of compression timing chain appears to be normal what now
no compression on 1 2 4 cyl 3 has 150 timeing chain appears to be ok
My 96 Manual tranny sunfire gets stuck when put into 1st 3rd or 5th gears. After its in gear the shifter moves freely up and down but not left or right. Car cannot be put into 2nd 4th or reverse. Shift cable maybe ...
theft system comes on, key is stuck in the on position and will not come out, car will not start