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On a drive in real bad rain all of a sudden my fuel gauge acted up. First it went to low then full. Now its stuck on full and service engine light on?!? It drove fine unsure what it could be.
Possible cable problems as there was slack cable hanging out at back of door opening
I have recently had a used instrument cluster installed into my 2004 Montana van. Now my radio says "locked". How do i get rid of this lock and have my radio back on?
replace inter ball joint
Some one Someone hit my van in parking lot and now auto door makes like it going to shut but can't line up properly at the very end of the closing. I've cleaned the contacts, checked the rubber strip but that's not it...
My car is overheating. Is the thermostat the only reason for that if it has coolant and no broken hoses?
transmission fluid ,drop pan or fluid exchange? which is better.it's got 85,500 miles on it
ABS engages when stopping; not on ice. Have had bearings replaced and differential fluid replaced, problem still persists. Also makes loud humming noise when turning car into parking lot or parking space. Also have...