2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Questions

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Pontiac Grand prix gt

My GTP has 128K on it and I just very recently found out about supercharger oil maintenance. I'm unsure if mines ever been looked at and wanted to know more about it and possible warning signs of being low. Thank you!

The dealership wants $910

When I am driving down the road and I get on the gas the car shakes. If I keep on the gas the check engine light will flash. I've already replaced the spark plugs and wires. This occurs all the time. Also I've notices lately that when I start my car sometimes it has problems starting. It'll idle rough, bog down and sometimes die. Other times it'll fire right up. I've replaced the battery and checked the alternator. It almost seems like it's not getting enough gas to compensate for the power the car needs. Help please.

My car has had a misfire for a while now. I have taken it to shops and they keep changing the spark plugs, wires ect. The last time j was at one they told me it was an electrical problem. I have a recall for my ignition key that I have an appointment for to get fixed and am now just getting around to it. Could this be why it has had the misfire?

I have a 2004 Grand Prix GTP. I hit a bag of trash on the road and it instantly started making a loud knocking noise. It ran for about 2 miles until the engine shut off. The car started again but after sitting for a day the battery was dead. I jumped the battery and drove it about a mile to get it home where the battery died again, while i was driving. The battery has now been charging for a day and the car fails to turn over. There does not appear to be any trash stuck under the car. A local shop told me the entire motor needs replaced but the knocking does not sound like it is coming from the motor. It sounds like it is coming from somewhere under the alternator.