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is there any way to diagnose the problem before it stalls again?it stalls out intermittently. Also only sometimes the motor will shake a bit getting on the freeway , and or at times it feels a bit sluggish. Any ideas...
location of the purge valve, vent solenoid, vent valve for the emission
My sons car has a stalling problem that has no pattern as to when it occurs. Can restart after a few minutes. He says that he noticed prior the it stalling the speedo and the tach spike and then drop to 0. Would you...
How to replace the right side mirror on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix? The mirror and the housing popped off.
Is there a secret to removing this wire, I can not get it to come off the spark plug.
I am having trouble removing the spark plug wire on the spark plug behind the engine next to the fire wall.
driver side windshield wiper arm flops to the side and gets hung up with the side mirror and the passenger side doesn't move up & down at all, but I can hear the wiper motor running, what can cause this?
I have to use a pencil to make my ignition turn back.
car revs high sportatically when idling, periodically stalls when in park. i had a mechanic check and they found a faulty seal that they thought was letting air into the fuel. this seemed to be fixed for about a week...
it has been going on for a week. found it was a rod in the motor.want to know price of rod