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Felt hoses and feels like nothing is going through..
It runs but lacks power and bogs down when I accelerate quickly.
It has a ticking noise under the dashboard while driving. What could cause this?
what button do i press to release the key tumbler lock
I jus bought a 1998 pontiac grand prix with 117k miles there's no check engine light on but there's water coming up from the driver side floor making carpet wet.
cost to repair anything that involves repair on timing chain assembly parts price and labor cost? 98 pontiac grand prix gt?
what can i do to help get this higher
Happens mostly when first starting and after driving for a while...
Front right turn signal blinks fast,no back signal.
heater blower wont work after being replaced it just clicks.what could it be?
stalling,cant run car long without tempeture going higher than normal. cant drive too far before it starts to stall and i have to take my foot off the gas then slowly give it gas to build up speed