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When driving, the dash lights on my 1997 grand prix GTP will randomly flash or flicker, and sometimes the ABS light will come on, and sometimes the air bag light will come on, then when I come to a full stop, my car h...
my 97 grand prix gtp stalls while driving down the road. it happens at hwy and city speeds. I can sometimes restart it while coasting down the road right after a stall. other times I have to wait a few minutes until i...
my Pontiac grand prix gtp stalls without any warning. it has happened at both city speeds and highway speeds. Sometimes when it quits I can restart while coasting down the road, and other times it wont start for a few...
how to make a timing chain tensioner adjustment
I went took my girl to work then came home tryed to start it it starts an then cuts off after 5 sec changed resistors still doin the samething
P0300 and p0301 keep popping up and my engine shakes bad at 10 or less mph I have changed spark plugs and wires no help im not sure if my ignition controller is bad or what it just happend last week I even changed the...
when cruising 50 mph or 60 if i give it some gas the rpm's go up and then slowly come back down before it starts to gain any mph is that transmission slipping or what
occasionally there is nothing when you turn the key. If I turn the fanbelt just a little, it will start. The crank position sensor was changed with original part about 6 months ago.
all of sudden wheel got very hard to turn,than wheel keeps turning around and around ?? checked steering fluid and was ok??
air comes out cold on drivers side comes out hot passenger side??
what is the function of the crank sensor ??
car will shut off while on the road or when stop will not start? will start eventully.
180K miles..rus strong...no smoke...but balancer making noise/vibration when putting a load on the engine,
the car intermittently has a hard time shifting into gear and it feels as if the transmission is slipping. I can drive to work for 40 minutes and it will be fine, then on the way home it may start having a hard time ...