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What causes this noise? I have replaced the wheel bearing, this noise only happens when making a left turn
I pulled up to stop and my windshield wipes came on. everything was dead. The fuse box under the hood was burning.
Code says transmission control module is not communicating and mileage error
This problem occurs mostly when it's colder out and more from the right turn signal than the left. I can make them return to low beam by pulling back on the signal light switch.
just bought this 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix with 158,000. runs good. Should I be concerned with replacing timing chain or any other component for maintenance? I drive out of town a lot and don't want to get stranded.
Ive got new struts but everytime I hit a bump on the rear passenger tire I hear a rattle
After checking fuses,relays.I replaced combination switch .Still don't have low beam headlights,would shoul I check next,and where is it located at on car?
replaced plugs ,wires,crank senser, tested coil packs and injectors
I did replace the gas cap, after a couple of trips it hasn't come back on. The engine light is still on!
I have an 04-06 Grand Prix K&N Air Intake that I had to modify in order to install on my 08 in case that helps any. Well last night I was sitting in the parking lot for a while and noticed that my blower motor cutoff ...
My car had 117.000 miles on it,so i replaced the plugs and plug wires now car jumping in rpms(200-300 rpms) took to a shop says transmission is the problem,did not start untill did the tune up