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what do I need to do to replace the timing chain cover gasket on a 2007 grand prix 3800?
sometimes when I take off from a stop the car will jerk, it wont do this if I take off slow and it runs fine going down the road. passing gear and all that works fine to when I'm up to speed...I had a 99 buick lesaber...
note before that I was getting a OBD2 ccode large leak detected. changed gas cap. cchanged purge silonoid. and there was a gas odor evertime I put gas. come to find out my catylac converter was so pluged it turned int...
won't switch gears, won't settle in park
underneath near the oil pan
it and it still wont run right. starts hesitantly and stalls. this is a recent problem started after we changer thermostat and flushed heater core. any ideas?
low beams shut off intermittently all other lights functioning
The auxillary plug in lost power