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symptoms- brake pedal shutters and pulses-also engine temperature gauge doesnt work falls to zero. seems to only happen when engine hot or good and warm. live in cold climate in canada when leave cool down and start s...
Hey eveyone I was on the freeway going 70 and out the blue my mph started to decrease but shortly after it goes back up then about 20 seconds later I hear a noise then white smoke started to come from under the hood. ...
132000 on an 2006 Grand Prix. Having symptoms of Head Gasket bad. Already repaired Intake Gaskets, but possibly there were mistakes.'transmission also slips. Told it's possibly torque Converter or flywheel in there .
Well my car was working fine til next morning. It won't. Turn on it won't make a sound. When turn over prior to that my fuel was low so I thought I ran out of gas so I went to go put more fueland nothing my arrow wou...
the rpm level dips a little then kicks back up what would cause that
When I stop for a short period of time, my engine kicks (struggles). This is happening when I put my foot on the gas (doesn't matter if I lightly put on foot on the gas). Please help. Pontiac's are HORRIBLE!
I've replaced the bulbs & replaced fuses. Still does not work. I have to run my high beams on the entire time. What should I do? Thanks