My 2002 grand prix has a a fuel gauge with a mind of its own. I have been told that it is the fuel sensor. I need to know how to access it and the proper way to remove it and install the new sensor. Thanks in advance

back power window went down and now won't go back up. The rest of the windows work fine.


heater control knob fell off

My low coolant light is on, but my radiator is full and so is my overflow tank? Any suggestions?

How do I change the oil pan on a 2002 pontiac grand prix? looks like it is pretty rusted and the oil pan gasket is leaking.

How much can a person expect to pay for a replacement of a wheel bearing.

the car is leaking coolant and it appears to have water in the oil i see water leaking around the intake

I have a problem with the mass air flow sensor where i had to clean it, the car ran fine afterward but soon returned to how it was before, it takes a little bit to get over 30mpg and it's hard getting up steep hills, then one day the hood started smoking and made a loud hissing noise, come to find out it was the secondary air valve and the cap on top had melted and the disk inside distorted, needless to say it had to be replaced, could a faulty air sensor have caused this?

What maintenance service is recommended at 50,000 miles.

ac only works when dic is on, works fine in all speeds cold air. When dic is not lite the air will not work.

how do u kno wen the thermostate is the problem. because i done change mine a couple of time. my car tend to run hot one day then the next day driver perfectly find. and once in a while if its been sittin for a long time and i drive it. once the temp meter start movin it will go str8 to the red them come all the way back down to the cool position after i been drivin for a while. then want do it again. why is that

is it ok to drive with out the heat core connected because i was told thats why my carpet is wet under the dash board. i was told i can take it off. but i want be able to use me heater on the ac.is this tru or that wud damage my car

for some reason on the passenger side of my car on the floor is wet and it look like coolant. im tryin to find out how is it gettin into my car.and what can i do to stop it.

I have been having trouble getting the key out of the ignition. I have been using the release under the steering column. I have replaced the battery too. Now the key will turn, the lights come on, radio on, etc. but the car will not start. where do I start to trouble shoot?