2002 Pontiac Grand Prix Questions

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my check engine light doesnt even come on anymore and i know that it should be on

was driving fifty five and its like someone shut the transmission off car still runs great

Change Oil Soon light never goes off.

Half the heater on one side is not working

replaced a faulty Maf sensor and now the vehicle won't stay running unless you hold the accelerator down once engine reached normal temp. It will flutter and sometimes stay running when accelerator is released or it may stall again and you have to repeat. I do not get any codes though. This occurrs everytime you start it at normal temp but starts fine when cold

Engine stalls out intermittently driving down road at normal speeds even on cruise control. If I step on the accelerator it comes right out of it no problems. It seems to due it when I have cruise on it tries to accelerate to make it up hill it wants to stall out intermittently, but never dies. The engine is getting good fuel mileage and idles fine no missing. Could this possible be the Mass Flow sensor? Can anyone help me out on this. Thanks.

When driving at any speeds the engine wants to stall out like its running out fuel, but never dies. This happens when driving on cruise or no cruise. When it happens if you just gas on it stops and takes off down the road. Fuel mileage is good and everything else good other cutting out problem. Could this possible be the (map sensor or throttle sensor)?

I suspect I have a bad tire rod I hear a knocking sound when turn steering is very difficult to turn especially at low speeds like turning into parking lot...I've had my PS pump replaced what could this b

I can downshift, but not back up (I got to park and couldn't get to neutral - gear shift acted locked). Brakes and steering manual. No indicator lights, all gauges read normal, fuel just above 1/4 tank. "Secondary" electronics still work (hazards, radio, windows, etc). Recent engine work: Oil pan replaced as well as oil change (09/06/14), both mufflers and muffler dispersion replaced 08/23/14. Engine turns over but won't catch until 3-4 minutes have gone by. It has happened twice now - less than a week apart (09/05 and 09/09). Only after driving for a few minutes. Help!

Its the belt on the alternator that slipped off ilas i was replacing it i noticed,my power steering pulley was loose and i,could pull it out what could this be?? Was told get bew ps pump and pulley i should be good advice???