I actually found the problem a few days ago. Bf put in in the shop, returned yesterday and he told me that it was a busted line. No more details than that. Today he called saying that it just isn't shifting right. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated greatly!! Need help ASAP

Never done this before could hear like suctioned air when pushed brake peddle

Does the brain to the car have to be reset?

The High Idle happens sometimes when cold or sometimes when hot. The TPS and EGR have been replaced along with Throttle Body thoroughly cleaned.

The only code that has intermittently shown up is one for the TPS. The TPS has been replaced 2 times.


When Reving motor it collapses

Changed crank sensor, cam sensor, computer, icm, have blue spark, fuel pressure gauge at 50 psi, getting juice to injectors, fires when spray starting fluid, fuses are all good

Fires and runs when I put starting fluid in the intake

Two weeks ago car started acting funny. Would sometimes start and sometimes not. It would crank just fine but wouldn't fire.so I checked for spark and had that. Battery is good. It would fire when I boosted with battery charger the times it wouldn't fire.then it quit doing that wouldn't fire at all. Changed cam and crank sensor. Then I sprayed either in the air intake and it started. I get fuel to fuel rail but the injector doesn't open. Please help.

After it stalled it would restart and run fine, now it will start and stall several times before it stays running. I have a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel rail and when its running the pressure at 45 psi.

my check engine light doesnt even come on anymore and i know that it should be on

was driving fifty five and its like someone shut the transmission off car still runs great