My 2001 gtp will run fine then stall, I changed the crank shaft sensor and checked the fuel pressure and the has lines. Here's the thing though when we ran it for codes nothing came up! And I even unplugged the maf sensor to see if I would blow a code and it didn't..., so my question is; is it the computer or what!?!?!? Helpppppp he

I have codes p0440 and p0442

My fuel injection system experienced an explosion destroying the manifold, what is the potential cause? Is the a replacement of timing belt/chain?

I can acess the unit via a panel in the trunk should I just replace the whole fuel pump I assume that is where the pump is under that panel then I have to remove it from the tank is this the corret procedure to repair it?

When I drive my car over 50 the car starts to shake and the steering wheel turns hard to the left what is this?

2001 pontiac grand prix 3.8 w/170k miles...turn the a/c on and the car clicks (sounds like something is clicking on an off repeatedly) while clicking my rpms start jumping up and down from 300 to 1500 and the a/c stops blowing cold and blows out fire hot air instead of cold

My car will start after sitting a few days but will sputter off almost immediately after being started

I changed my crankshaft position sensor now my car will not start. it will crank but will not fire up. I checked using a spark test lamp, i am getting power to my spark plugs but the car will not start. i tried putting the old one back on still had the same result. What do I need to try to hopefully get my car to start?

happens the faster you get but stalls worse and shuts off when slowing down or come to a stop

was told it was a ten min job just pull it out and replace with new but dont know where it is any ideals ?

Once it warms up 15-20 minutes,it will remain cranked but jerks into gear. Sometimes at a red light I will need to have my foot on the brake and gas to keep it from cutting off. Please help.

what else could cause this light to come on i have changed the purge valve under the hod changed the vent valve in the wheel well checked all the lines they look good i dont think i have a bad pcm but if i did what would i check before i take the pcm out and get a new one i was told the canister but idk if thats the issue i never hade this issue before it just happende a few months ago and my inspection is over due.................. HELP!!!!!!!!

passig cars acceration slow

while passing a car accelration slow

It was on for a month or so and i was told it was probably a piston misfire and i needed to change the catalytic converter, so will it comeback on or just stay off till somthing else is wrong?