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Lady I just bought this from said fuel pump was bad and wouldn't run but after paying her for it I hooked cables to it and it started rite Up she told me before that the car left her stranded a few times like wasn't g...
how much for a replacement radiator and hoses for repair for my pontiac grand prix
Begining late june this starting happening, my car would jus shit off while driving since then i have replaced spark plugs, wires, ignition control module, all three coils as well as cps and a new harmonic balancer ba...
comes on and the tack goes to 0. Once I turn the car off and restart it the tack works and the track off light is off.
When car is warm driving any speed the car will die. Pull over to the side of the road. The car will not restart unless I pump the accelerator then yesterday at a stop light in gear the tacks drops to 0 and my tack of...
I have a steering colume from a 93 bonniville work in my 99 grand prix se ?
If I change the maf sensor and delete the code from the computer it will run again but eventually stall, the motor is a 99 and the car is a 2002, could the computer be bad?
No power, key stuck in ignition. After waiting 15 minutes or more, the power comes back but the cycle repeats itself when you try again
i had water in the gas tank i droped it, clean it out put it back up now it stil want srat?
I have also replaced purge solenoid, also my fuel gauge does not work. Thanks!
It does not happen very often, but when I was commuting from college to home I was on interstate going about 80mph with a/c on and car suddenly acts like no fuel being supplied and it just dies. So I pull over and sit...
when I turn on the A?C it blows for a while and suddenly it starts making a loud noise and no air comes out the vents
How to check or fix an obd2 code misfire detected in cylinder 6