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When I reach 50 mph it will start stalling like it is going to die but when I let off the accelerator it will run right again. I have to do this about 20 mins before the stalling stops
I'm a girl. I'm not an idiot but I need to go pick up the part so that I have it when my boyfriend comes home from work. I'd rather not jack up the car myself and try to figure it out if I don't have to.
I have been told that the alternator and brackets need to be taken off.I haven't had any trouble with heater,my low coolant light came on and I found that the hose was cracked.I have had this car for 10 years and have...
Every time I start my car and begin driving at first it feels like it has little power, it doesn't happen all the time. Once the ABS, Trac Off and low tire pressure light comes on car seems to drive fine. The other p...
Puddle of oil under car everyday and am adding about 4 quarts a week
cars brake light with a warning signal came on and when I cut the car off it wouldn't crank at all everything locked up on it including the doors and I couldn't even open the door from inside .Now nothing works ,we c...
When in stop and go traffic, long red light or a drive through. Does it when ac is off. When I run the ac the passenger floor get soaking wet.
replaced gas, but still doesnt start.
could someone please help me with this problem this car will not start it has no power on the inside of the car it will turn over but it will not start iam not sure if this car has a arla on it or not