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the problem occurs at random intervals.i have replaced the crank sensor and the ecm .i have scanned the diagnostics and there are no codes.when the engine dies it just shuts off as it would if i turned off the ignitio...
I am told there is a 14mn nut that need to be removed
frt wheels bob, just replaced wheel bearings? was told that was problem obviously not
All of a sudden the rpm needle does not move .
The car has senenty four thousand miles on it. It has also had brake problems.
The engine tries to start then chokes out, sometimes with a backfire, I try again and the engine will start with hesitation then idling high gradually idling lower...someone please help?
my blower motor fan is only working on the first three speeds, not on high, and my hot and cold is working but not my air conditioning on the first three speeds. i have two questions, the first is my problem the swit...
the car blowen 2 head gaskets water shoots out radater but temp is under 200
I have had new hub,pads,rotors on back and new sensor on front left. The low trac light comes on and the brake padel pulses at times. Sometimes the odomoter does not function. What is the remedy?
Driving on freeway, went to pass a car, my car went down a gear to 3rd passed the car & my car never went back to 4th gear or overdrive. All other gears work good, fluid level good. Still able to drive, just runs at h...
Odometer works sometimes but seems to not record all the time.
the 1996 grand prix gtp will not send power to the inition the key is stuck in the on spot and will not send power to the fuel pump our the dash how ever the info center will come on and the radio and heater but no po...