What is the reason I can't figure it out?

never does it when I turn right. after it does that if I park at a store it does not want to start. plz help me, thank you.

Car is leaking oil I took it to get an oil change and asked if they could see where it is leaking from and they said it looks to be at the top of the engine and when I've checked it looks to be on the right side. Could it be a valve gasket or what?

my car cut off while driving, turns over but won't start. Changed fuel pump,starter,spark plugs, and now out of options. Could it mean my engine is no good?

when i push the gas pedal,it takes off a little slow

From it and that when problem started??

Out of my vehicle and that's when problem started!

they both have fog lights

just started today. Turned the engine off. It worked fine for a couple of turns then it would not turn again. Checked power steering fluid level and it was fine.

When I turned my cruise control on it used to work fine, but now, I have to hold the on button down the whole time or it turns off.