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where front axle meets wheel, there is a clicking noise, especially when steering
My car is leaking antifreeze liquid and we dont know where its coming from?
when i turn right, i hear a rubbing in the right side in the front. when i turn left i hear it the left side in the front. it just started. someone please help
Step by step how do you replace the power steering pump?
is the block of an olds intrigue 2001 model compatible with a 2004 grand am 3.4l i ask this due to the fact my 3.4l is blown and i have a good 3.5l
will a 3.5l olds intrigue fit in a 2004 grand am w/ 3.4l without major modifications..........if not then how much different is the block can i utilize the block of the 3.5 for the 3.4l and work it in this way?
is it possible to swap a 2004 3.2l grand am motor with a pontiac 3.5l motor w/o modification
Do I have to drop gas tank
where is the fuel filter location or is there a reset button
When turning on the heat in my car, it smells like something is burning. I have been told it could be my blower motor. Is this a corrrect assumption?
The cruise control cover came off and I put it back on with a screw. Can I have that part replaced or does the entire cruise control unit need to be replaced?
My wife was driving vehicle as normal, everything was running perfect. She went over some railroad tracks (bump), and the car cut dead off and would not restart. What is causing this?
Where is the wiper motor located on a 2004 pontiac grand am gt?
Where are the power and ground signals to the wiper motor on a 2004 pontiac grand am gt?
When I got the car at 80k miles last summer they weren't working. A couple days later after having the heat on blast they started working again. Every now and then when it rains the wipers stop working but eventually...