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car stars fine but when I shut the car down I I open the door and leave the car the radio still plays,the batterie and oil pressure light stays on and iam scared to drain the battery so I unplug the negative cable off...
is it normal when your key is out of the ignition and you get out of the car and you have a security and battery and some sort of motor signals in the dash by the speedometer.i have to disconnect the negative cable on...
it is in the front of the car its not coming from the pan...its coming either the starter or right above it its leaking pretty bad
It seems to stop making the noise after going a few yards almost like it has warmed up or lubricated itself. Any ideas what to check and how much it may cost me?
i only bought the car about 5 months ago i had to replace the front driver side wheel bearing and thay told me everything is all good but my abs light and track off light is on and now my service vehical soon light is...
car had to much water in the anti freeze. it overheated and now antifreeze is blowing out of the tail pipe.
usually clicks one time then everything in the car is dead. after a few tries the car will start.
My 2004 Pontiac Grand AM GT has a P0420 code plus change oil light on. The Oil light came on first, and a day later, the check engine light came on. I checked the code and it was P0420 code, which is a catalyst effici...
Car died, was told there's a chance valves are bent also and that won't be obvious until chain is replaced. Is this accurate information?
I have no other keys. Cannot find them. Key is not a computer chip.
i was driving and the vehicle lost power and wouldnt accelerate then the power steering went out i pulled over and turned it off now it wont even start
not much space and was wondering if i have to take out the aie filter unit