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theft alarm stays on after vehicle is shut off. Theft light under radio flashes on/off. Security light in dash is off. Everything is normal when vehicle is running.
After cranking a little sounds like it fires. Maybe fuel filter had water & froze restricting fuel since there is fuel at check valve.
to no avail. The light still remains on. Also, at the same time when I step on the gas and the transmission should shift it does but does it hard. You can actually feel it change. So is this the transmission, beca...
Would it come on? Also my coolant light comes on I put coolantin the next day iI had to put more coolant in iI ddon't see where its peaking now theres coolant still in it and my coolant light comes on every once in a ...
in the oil and the water pump was replaced just before i bought it a month ago i was told to try starting fluid to get it started but didnt work it also never blown white smoke from pipe questions why wont it start an...
When I am driving at night I an unable so see what speed I am going, and have to use a flashlight.