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what do I remove to get to the headlight bulb
Car sounds like it's going to turn over,but doesn't.Happened overniht.Fine yesterday,nada ths a.m. Help!Only recent work:new motor mounts a couple weeks ago.Fine since then.
Seat doesn't go up or down. I can hear the motor. This is not a 6 way power seat (up and down only)
I have oil that squirts out of some plug on the upper left side. Theres a plug with a wire that unclips from it, what is it
My turn signals work as well as my emergency flashers on the inside and outside but it makes a clicking sound almost constantly. It will quit for a while then pick back up again. It's been doing this for quite some ...
need info. on evapotive emission control system malfuntion
The 2 map lights on the underside of the rearview mirror will not turn off - each has a plunger switch but they no longer cut the lights off
I was a bit confused on how to fix a car lighter in the car the rest of the fuses in the car are work propery and now they are starting to faded replaced them but the car lighter still isnt working
Driving..my car made a pop noise and died..could this be the serpentine belt? no smoke or anthing still completely dead
I'm having to add lots of coolant about every two weeks. No leaking under the car. I have over 125,000 miles. It is not over heating. Any idea where the coolant is going? Thank you! Charolette
my temperature gage is not working, i dont know why, do you?
I am trying to get a estimate but I can't find the fuel pressure regulator in the service i need, what do i do?
I just recently had to have the BCM replaced due to moisture. I had no problems before the BCM went bad. Now after the mechanic replaced it my idiot lights for the ABS, Trac off, and check engine lights are on. The an...
Sending unit becoming knocked off engine lost oil before noticed, no smoke but hearing a poping noise only when accelerated(such as going up hill), not at idle.