We think we know where it is but if its back by the fire wall we'll never reach it with our attachment. Is there a more accessible location?

car slow start

my starter went out so i took a screw driver and pecked on the starter to try to get it to start ended up buying a new starter.started right up but the problem is my tail lights and parking lights will not go off any help please i am female dont no alot about cars but do the best i can. thanks ahead of time for any help u may be of the problem.

stereo anti theft code is activated and stereo wont come on. stereo anti theft code there is a code to fix this maybe another way how would you get the code or can you bypass this

Average costs parts/labor (time) associated with replacing a Harmonic balancer (crankshaft pulley) (wobbling/squeaking).

Checked fluid level there is no dipstick just a cap. Ican not see any oil in hole put 3qts in already still cant see any oil in hole. Should I keep adding oil? Also when driveing car it makes a weird sound between 20 to 30 mph. Checked wheel bearings and cv jionts they seem fine . any ideas what else to check ?

Yesterday I flipped the wiper switch down to clean my windsheild. The wipers went up and quit. I pushed them back down once I stopped the car. The washer still sprays but nothing happens when I try to turn the wipers on in any speed. The fuse seems fine.

what does it mean if I need to reprogram my body control module

While driving, I hit either a Pothole or where the 2 pieces of pavement are "joined" together but with a rather HARD HIT when going over . The "normal" joints on highway are no problem. My engine shuts off and I place trans in netural, turn key off, then back on & restart engine; unless Battery is bad & will not start without a jump. I've wiggled battery, fuse box ( under hood), which i've noticed DOES slide somewhat up/down & forward/backward on a "rail type" of holder. IT does not actually come "up". I ALSO have a loose R. F Wheel sensor to the ABS. Not sure IF this would cause the problem. DID not have problem until dealership change the ECM at about 40,000 miles due to leak in windshield ( covered under warranty). I do not know as to WHERE the ECM is located or HOW to get it out to check. Suggestions

Thank YOu

2001 pontiac grand am gt turn over but turns off by its self the door chime does not work the inside light dont work the keyless remote dont work the power locks dont work the trunk wont open the radio dont work even with the key on the fan on the heat and air only works on high and keeps blowing the fuse on it


Security light comes on while driving, sometimes when hitting bump

my car wil start but only stay running for 1 0r 2 seconds.i changed the fuel filter and spark plugs...the only code is multiple misfire...the exhaust smells VERY rich and looks dark...any suggestions??

When I start my car I have a high pitch squeal coming from the belt area in the front of my car. I just changed the Alternator cause I thought it was that...Still sqeals. I checked the serpentine belt and its still in 90% great condition. I have narrowed it down to either the belt tentioner or the A/C unit. Anyone have a way I could tell if it was one or the other?? The squeal is so loud i cant tell which one it is coming from.

i have already changed all relays