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Start if it do start soon as I put it in reverse to do back it cuts off been to shop same thing why it do that I just got the car
I fill it up with coolant, and then it spews it all out of the overflow hose on the back of the surge tank. The fans dont kick on automatically, but we wired them to come on when the key is turned. That has helped a l...
UGH. Anyone have any idea about this? Car has, off an on, for a year now, not been able to fill up at any gas station. It is a 12 gallon tank and will only fill up to 5 gallons now before overflowing. It used to fill...
I have replaced both ignition fuses twice in the last 2 days....when they blow the car will not turn over or start...is this due to a bad ignition switch or would it have anything to do with the security system?
It only seems to do it when its hot it will chug and hardly go when u gas it
Now I have this code thrown the car was fine until the dashpad came out to be repaired and now it threw the airbag clockspring code repaired that and code cleared now it tells me Deployment Loop Resistance Low what t...
where is the low side port on tha ac/system
where is the low side ac/charge port located??
how to clear fault code P0122, on 1999 Pontiac GrandAm, 4cyl.
cost estimate for complete exhaust system replacement?
There is a hesitation of several seconds from when the car starts to when the gauges engage. How can I fix it?