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was in wreck but the ground is not inplug i put a ground to it but both high and low light up but are not bright
I took it to Emissions and they said the code came back as a p0335 but I called auto zone and they said its the ignition coil anyway you can help???
What would cause oil leakage to flow into spark plug area
I added fuel then drove up a steep hill, at the top of the hill the car jerked briefly & service engine light flashed for couple seconds and then just sstays on. Car seems to have no driving issue. I replaced new cap,...
It's been sitting for a while. Replaced the battery a few months ago. I get nothing when I put my keys in the ignition. No electricity at all. Starts right up when jumped but dies once you stop revving the engine.
was idling fine for about 5 minutes then just died and not it will not start. Acts like not getting fuel.
Coolant leaking on back side of motor when i fill resivoir it pour out while car isnt running.
I was driving and sitting at a stop sign my car made a popping noise and then it shut down and will not start...fluid levels are good, the lights work but it will still not start . It had no leaks of any kind up to th...
When I press on the gas the rpms flutters as it idles up and back down. Also when the engine is cold is idles at around 850 rpms and idles fine in gear. When the engine gets up to temp the idle starts to lower to 650...
The speedometer is off by 30 mph. Just took the car to oreilly's to check on engine as well and the o2 sensor came up as the problem with the engine. I'm wondering if it's effecting the speedometer or what?