It happens upon starting the ignition. It throttles up to 2+ in park and accelerates without the foot on the gas when in drive or reverse. It happens randomly & has happened about 5 times since buying it in September 2015.

How do I set it or learn it?

I have code p1336

I have 99 2.4 L4
parts car available is a 94 3.1
will I be able to use rack and pinion

i was getting on the freeway yesterday and i started hearing knocking in the front of the car. my grandpa looked at it i told him that my oil light has been on for a while but i was told it was okay cause its an old car. he checked the oil an i had barely anything. he put oil in it but only 2 quarts and when i accelerate it still makes a loud knocking in my engine. what could this be?

one , starter has been replace,when the key is turn it just click noise comes from under the glove some times try to turn over when i press the reset botton in the fuse box.

the car overheated and the cooling fan did not come on after we shut down/turned off the car.

1999 Pontiac grand am se 6 cyl twin

Sometimes when I go to start my car it won't let me if the security light is flashing???? please help I have to wait ten to twelve minutes to start it and it's really a pain in the rear when you have Two twin boys

Was told evaporator is leaking. Cost would be close to $2000.00

Had an issue with fans not coming on and blew a radiator hose. So I replaced the hoses, thermostat and found that I needed a ECM. Have installed that and now only the A/C will not stay on. Would it be the clutch/compressor or the BCM?

I will be driving and the gauges will just shut down but the car will run perfect? ac,cruise control, speedometer, gas guage all shut off and a few minutes later come back on? Very inconsistent as can go 100 miles and no problem. previous owner added a new stereo and that always works??

was in wreck but the ground is not inplug i put a ground to it but both high and low light up but are not bright

Start if it do start soon as I put it in reverse to do back it cuts off been to shop same thing why it do that I just got the car