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oil light,anti theft lights, radiator light all come on and gauges seem to quit working
All the fluid leaked out after something popped.
When I'm backing out of driveway, my car seems to make a clicking noise like when the wheels make a complete rotation, there is a clicking sound at that point. It only happens in reverse, not in drive. I think it co...
replaced radiator yesterday,filld it this morning, grandson took it for ride ,radiator fan never came on .wire are hooked up . is there a fuse for it? if so where? any help would be welcome ,thanks
I need to know the the location of the map sensor on a 1998 pontiac grand am, and the results if the part should go bad.
My car runs fine but the abs light, brake light and check engine lights are on. Car will not go out of park. pulled the console off of the gear shift and the plastic piece wont move to the cogs to move it out of par...