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I have a 1998 grand am with 3.1 engine been over heating, replaced, water pump, thermostat and heater core, car still over heating and was wondering which head gasket connects to driver side exhaust because now that n...
Made repairs to evap system & engine light came on.
black rubber elbow in the back of the engine. The heater core connections are dry. any ideas?
Gauge doesnt read hot, stays in neutral zone, but car is very very hot and radiator bubbling when car is stopped. When leaving car overnight, a large puddle of antifreeze is in driveway. Once in awhile car will "rattl...
My car wont hold antifreeze and the engine gets hot but the gauges dont read hot. It also "rattles" on hot hot days. There are no code readings or check engine light is not on.
Will not pass smog keeps code is for evac sensor and camshaft sensor? What do I do? And how much will it cost? Very important to get done so everything is in running shape. Help?
146,000 miles. Front end damage. After driving for long periods of time, car wont start back up. If i hold the hose overthe starter for some time, the car starts right up. What is the problem?
I've been having issues with my car not starting after driving for awhile. Like its too hot or something. Last night i turned my car off, but the key wont go to the off position. After messing with it for 15 minutes, ...
After replacing odometer car starts and cuts off and will not stay started
My car was hit and I need to know how much to charge the other driver to replace the rear bumper