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none of the control panel gauges light up when key is in the daytime running headlights flicker on and off and the only light on control panel that flickers on and off is the check engine light I try to start the car but it won't kick over it sounds like it wants too but it doesnt

I put it in park after driving it then when I got ready to drive it wouldn't go no where

Got the oil pan off but having trouble disconnecting the pump from the chain housing

The AC blows, but it doesn't get cold

Steady knock gets louder at the rpms go up. Consist with revolution of the motor..

Replaced both o2 sencers, and the cat, and the fuel presser regulator, and the mass airflow sencer, new spark plugs, and the idle control valve, and the RPG valve

My gear shift in my 5 speed manual transmission is loose and won't go into all gears. What is this?

I was driving the car, not to long ago, and my wheel cylinder gone out, I have replace that, and know bleed all the brakes but the drive side swear wont let come loose,
But before that I was getting this noise coming from by brake buster,

fan will work when tested but will not when engine is hot

a/c fan not running all the time

I actually need a gromet but can't seem to find anything? It's like Noone knows what I'm talking about!

it acts like its not shifting into a higher gear.