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I actually need a gromet but can't seem to find anything? It's like Noone knows what I'm talking about!
it acts like its not shifting into a higher gear.
do you have a fix for this. HELP I got code PO187. The thernost has been replaced. The print out from O'Reilly parts said there no fixes. Can this be true. Thanks in advance for your help.
Car runs like a gem all year except for 2 months in winter. Will start right back up in the spring. Have replaced EVERYTHING
everything in my dash blinks. all signals
I replaced the ignition module and the fuel filter it was running fine until yesterday o put in a used control module and it ran good until it rained out then no spark I replaced coil pack and fuel filter now it doesn...
I was told that my front engine cover is cracked and drips coolant steadily and that it will cost $800 to fix.
Just got back from two hour drive vehicle drove fine. Car acted like it wouldn't start when I finally got it running I noticed my key was stuck in the ignition and I could not turn it back to off. I had to disconnec...