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I just had my Belt Tensioner replaced and now antifreeze is leaking on left side underneath..could they have not put something back on right or not tightened something tight enough?..(NOTE..IT WAS NOT LEAKING BEFORE.)
i can only get heat through the front vents on 1995 pontiac grand am gt 3.1 6 cyl.
I noticed every time the fuse blows the ABS light comes on. I have checked all the bulbs and replaced the fuse several times. I can't seem to find the nature of the problem. Does anyone know what it could be and ho...
I've been having a lot of problems with my turn signals working only when they want to which I can manage until I'm able to afford the fix but just recently my hazards have started flashing with the car running and no...
the next morning went out and started the car it ran for about 5 minutes and died now it won't start at all
I'm putting a new motor in, the assist spring came off the spindle, and I don't know what position to put it in
The cable that is runing from the gear shifter to the dash board is pulled out. Where exactly do i reinstall it at?
Car won't turn left or right
i had a few blow fuses (i jus bought the car) so i replaced n solved a few minor elec issues, one rainy day my wipers started goin crazy wouldnt shut off so i pulled the fuze n next time it rained put it back in, then...
the power locks jus stopped working for the 2 front doors mine has a manual lock so i can still get in n out but the passengers does not maybe it waas a replaced door?? anyhow how in the world do i unlock n open that ...
Wondering what a ball park repair estimate would be to replace the right rear control arm on 95 Pontiac Grand AM