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1995 Pontiac Grand Am== I just replaced the head light switch and im not sure if all the beams should come on or the outside lights go off when the h-beams are on? thanks!
I am told that the gasket is leaking coolant & oil. Is this the intake manifold gasket?
The collant is leaking inside of the car of a pontaic grand am 1995 what is the problem.
Vehicle will lose power and RPM drop off when trying to accelerate. Will keep a steady RPM if keep the gas pedal 1/4 of the way down, once you go beyond that is losses power and the engine seems to surge up and down.
car lost power and then lifters started ticking. no oil pressure
We have by-passed the heater core because it was leaking and can not afford to replace it right now. We still have a leak somewhere in the rear of the engine but can not locate it. Can you tell me some good places to ...
How much does it cost to repair a gas line?
If you smell a strong gas ordor does it mean you need a new gas line?
Wondering what a ball park repair estimate would be to replace the right rear control arm on 95 Pontiac Grand AM
my heat blows out cold with coolant in there?whats the problem
I recently changed my front wheel bearings, and external tie rod ends because the car was shaking. Today my intake hose split and I was wondering if the intake hose has anything to do with the steering of the car. The...
The water pump went out on the car and it had to sit for 3 months, it ran ok except overheating. Nw that that is fixed, it will not accelerate. I have to pump the gas pedal to get it to go, once over 50 mph it runs ok...
Starts and runs great when cold. Stalls in traffic and will not start. Has happened in freezing weather and in Sixty Degrees.
is it a fuel pump if i have to keep pressing the gas to keep the car running?
Most of the electrical is not working properly. No driving headlights, no turn signals and high beams work off and on. Where can I find a good wiring diagram?