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it is stalling and hunting , I had the codes read and replaced the mass air and the cam shaft sensor, fuel filter .it is still not right
I just bought this car and the blinker lights would come on, but not blink. Replaced the turn signal flasher, and now the blinkers "blink", but when I put the turn signal switch in the "off" position, the hazard light...
the car will crank but wont turn over.I was driveing down the road & it just stopped running.When it was running after the part was put on it was cutting out.If its not the ignition modular switch then what could it be?
Car wont move into and gear much less move into a gear so i can use the car???
How much do they cost?
was working fine then stoped blowing cold. The system is fully charged and the blower is working fine. can here the compresor click on.
I have a 94 Grand Am. What would cause the car to run rough and the transmission to not shift properly? Both problems started at the same time.
my car wont start it will turn over but wont fire has fuel and the moduel for the coils tested fine when i turn the key on the check engine light flashes rapidly and the coils spark continuosly