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Just replaced plugs and coil pak.and noticed the crack in the housing.
plastic trim removed top and bottom, need to remove cylinder to replace.
warning signs that is not a good deal
My headlight chime is not working when I leave my headlights on and I would like to fix it, but can't find it. It's not behind my glove box as I was told.
Just noticed that I have had to add oil more frequently this car has very low mileage considering its age. so I am wondering if the head gasket is going?
thinking about getting this car
This began years ago, and has taken me nearly 3 years to determine where the leak is coming in. Car has been sitting since 2009, and needs to be sealed. Apparently there is a great possibility that it is a manufacture...
head lights will not turn on
Due to having so much electrical problems. I'd like to get my GPS plugged into my lighter and working. A repair shop said it will cost me $100.00!!! There must be a cheaper way of replacing this. Need help....
Was quoted $123.00 to fix cigarette socket so I can use my GPS! What is involved and how can I get this done cheaper. Thanks
my motor has been shaking really bad for the past 6 months and now when i start it, it shakes for a second and cuts off. i was told by advance auto parts that my motor mount is broken. i replaced the one by the left f...
I checked the wrong relay, was searching for fan relay,anyway i was checking it with a piece of wire when i blew a fuse and found out it was the fuel pump relay, replaced the fuse now fuel pump won't work..is ther som...
car ran hot know i have water in my engine oil,is it a head gasket or intake gasket
Need to replace the heater core in my car. Where do I start and how much for parts? I want to do the work myself.
I am looking at buying this car but previous owner says bottom motor mount needs replaced....worth the effort?