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im getting a code 26 and i just need to know where the part is or whatever part i need to fix this code but preferably where the part is.
The break lights, blinkers, and hazards are working. I have checked the fuse box and nothing is broken on that end. It happened very randomly i am not sure what the problem could be. All of my check engine,oil, abs...
Service engine light, ABS light, wipers don't work when ignition key is turned to run/on. Motor cranks and turns over fine. Was running great then when turned off it will not start again. unable to get it to display O...
New bulbs were replaced. Automatic locks lock when in drive but if I manually try to open or lock it will not. Plz help. Mechanics say its electrical, big expense without even looking at the car.
All worked fine for a year now the widow will not come up stright. The front of the window stays down and will only come up part of the way. I have removed the door panel and down see any problem. Any ideas?
It seems to quiet down when the engine gets warmer.
engine sputters on takeoff then picks up after a few seconds
I needed a new starter. My son hurridly took it off and did not note where the wires go. I need help to hook up the 3 wires.
its on almost all the time
i am leaking antifreeze from the passenger side it does not appere to be in the car but from the passger fenden in front of the car
I have a water leak onto the floorboard- only where the driver sits. The floor seems to only get wet when it rains. Is it coming from the engine compartment? under the dash? I first thought it was coming from the driv...
93 grand am is bogging down and then cutting off after about a half hour leave it sit for about twenty mins and you can drive it again no check engine or codes to speak of has new wires and plugs coil paks and fuel fi...
Drive 30 miles car goes dead restarts right away but when I put it in drive dies again and I have to wait for about 4 hours and then same thing. What's wrong?
where is the radiator cooling fan motor located, iwas told center upper firewall, but i cannot locate it.