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then it cools again when i start to move would it have something to do with the engine temperature
2.5 I need to know where the antifreeze bleeder is on the block. Car is still overheating after water pump and thermostat changed. was told I need to bleed the system. But I don't know where to bleed it at.
Started my car this morning and it wouldn't shift into drive or reverse. Shifts into park and neutral only. Didn't make any noises at all. Shifter also feels really loose like I don't have to even press the shifter...
The battery does not hold a charge? What do i do?
While at a stop sign, I heard a noise. Thinking noise was some kind of emergency vehicle siren emitted by the vehicle behind me, I pulled over into a driveway. Realizing the noise was from my own car, I got out to try...
where is crankshaft sensor located on 1991 pontiac grand am 2.5L