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I am having an issue with my headlights not working during the day. The day lights do come on once the car is put into drive, reverse and neutral, but not in park. During the day the light switch will pretty much no...
After oil change my car began making strange noise and leaking some kind of oil. I bought A Repair Oil Leak liquid to add to engine oil. Is the crankshaft the same as where you pour your engine oil into? That's where ...
I have a 2007 g6 with 117xxx miles. I've had so many problems out of my car lately. The windshield wipers will not work and the windows won't roll down until the motor is warm, meaning If it's raining I have to start ...
just came on no performance issue
the car jerks when i start up a hill or when I press the gas to take off from a stop. thank you
when stopped at red light car takes long to pic up speed,