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The locknuts were rusty and one way and hard to get off. I ended up pulling out my grinder it was a nightmare. And despite the part stores insistance the bushings were right they weren't. (Thank you canadian tire) ...
Would like to know if the dealer is required to replace these or can I do them myself.
Is it an electrical power I can fix myself or take to a dealer?
My whole wheel and car will shake when braking I am also the below comment about the steering shaft so this may have some cause behind it.
We have had to replace my steering shaft 3 times total and really it needs to be done again but the Pontiac dealers do not have the parts in yet. However I have gone thru about 6 tires in a year two in three days and ...
need ride hight spects
So my '06 G6 with 3.5 started ticking loudly and gotten to the point where it will run fine for a while (10-15 miles) but then will lose power and come to a crawl as if it is the cat converter. For this to happen all ...
Very strong gas odor. A little sluggish when I first Start the car Other then that it is running fine.
Is there a way to force the passenger sensing system to re-check for a passenger, without turning car off then on again? When I use the remote starter and then get in the car with a passenger, the passenger airbag ...
the smell is there all the time,it hesitates when turnin the ignition often not all the time.
how do you fix a tie rod on my 2006 Pontiac G6?
i was at a stop sign went to go and it was as if i was in nuetral no drive at all. i had to use slap shift. then once i got to about 35 or so i could put it back into drive and it was fine until i got under that speed...
I replaced my front driver side wheel bearing in my 06 g6 gt. After which I am getting an error message in the car of ABS and traction control...I don't know why. PLEASE HELP!