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What is the average Coolant temp? I have noticed mine runs between 185-217. Is this within normal range?
My engine is acting funny but I'm not getting an error code or check engine light. I put my foot on the gas and it revs to 4 RPM before coming down back to 2 RPM.
Had a diagnostic ran and it talks about cam shafts as well as timing belt.
I noticed a smell coming from my car this winter. I traced the smell to wet carpet on the passenger side floor. Fast forward 7 months to summer. I notice the smell again. Again my passenger side carpet is soaked. Any ...
my blinker won't stay on I have to hold it up just for it to keep blinking... I have taken it apart and reversed both metal pieces and it didnt work.. its mainly my right blinker but both blinkers do this..note I have...
i have a 2009 pontiac g5 i have had the steering column replaced twice last time 9/13. i was told the intermediate steering shaft is binding . should the whole componet been replaced when the 2nd steering colum was re...
Started with steering wheel shaking while accelerating. Now the whole front end shimmy's left to right.
Where is the offending part and how do I change it?
just purchased a 2009 Pontiac G5 GT and already lost two center caps. is this a issue that will be covered under my warranty?