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I had replaced the plugs, wires, did oil change, new battery, air filter, oil filter. It winds the starter but will not fire! Anyone know if this is because of it not getting fuel or? It ran before I parked it, just h...
I've cleaned the IAC and the air intake what else could be causing the problem
I purchased the car used two years ago and I am just fixing what I can when I can.
I've tried to jump my A & B connectors to get my car to flash it's diagnostic codes but that doesn't work on my 1994 Pontiac Firebird 3.4 V6. I've also read and have been told that the 1994 Firebird with the 12 pin AL...
i'm look on what type of tool i need to do this job and how or see how to do this
It also turns one click too far and wont start but I also have lights, radio, blinkers, wipers etc. but no gauges
My 1994 Firebird 3.4Ltr runs rough under load and my cruise doesn't work & the ABS is showing a light "ABS Not Operable". Before it started running rough the cruise control was working but I could only make it work a...
My firebird has a miss, but only in the lower rpm's. Replaced plugs and wires still has the miss. That's why I'm asking about a optispark. Thinks for any help you can give me.
Why does the headlight pop back up? Is it the actuator or maybe a relay?
When i depress the clutch,a high pitch squeal issues from the motor dept.,and continues as i shift from 1st to 5th gear.The noise lessens as any gear is engaged,but squeals very loud as soon as i shift.What could be c...
i just replaced ignition lock cylinder
where are all the bolts? what all needs to be removed?
1.the a/c cools fine but after a minute the clutch of the compressor kicks out what can be the reason? 2.can somebody tell me were is the thermostat of the a/c positoned and were are the wiring goes to?
i had a rydler pully broken that disconcted some wires under the hood and after that happend the a/c starts cooling and then stops cooling after a minute or two minute. maby there are wires of the thermostat there th...