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I've replaced water pump, thermostat, flushed radiator. Car still overheats. My dashboard is not working properly, gas gauge not working, speedometer not working. The "battery saver activated" light comes on, car ...
my battery died and i hooked up to jumper cables and charged it back up but when i go to start my car all i get is a simple click from the engine. any suggestions on what to do? is it the starter or something else i s...
I have taken the fuse out and back in. Sometime that has worked. But i want to know what the problem is.
turn the key, get a hard / loud click but starter motor does not engage. sounds like the old bad solenoid situation ?? dealer mechanic is saying there is an "open short" in the fuse box and needs to be replace to the ...
can hear the motor run but will not roll up.
I can put the pedal to the floor and it slowly speeds up. then all of the sudden it kicks in and goes.
My passenger front window and lock doesn't work electronically. We changed the door motor and it didn't change anything.
I just bought the car, 136k miles. Runs great (I <3 it), but the front end is not happy, seems as if the struts or something is loose, not really popping, just rattling as if the front end is gonna fall off..also the ...
I just changed thermostat and sensor for engine light being on. Are the engine light and cycle tests related in this case. Car runs fine and getting 29 mpg highway/ 20 mpg city.
I was told that rust where the gas cap screws on will cause a sensor to trip and turn the check engine light on. Will sanding the rust help by making better contacy?
The rest of my windows let down fine i just got the car today can someone plz help