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tried another relay still same results what else could be my problem checked purple wire for a open it checked out ok
Oil psi gauge reads under 40.(All at idle) flushed radiator no other actions taken because im not sure of the problem.
Also is worse as outside air temperature is warmer. It becomes more apparent. Also will intermittently surge as accelerating is taking place, but not always.
problem just started to occur this morning
Had tires checked and aligment. Had front end looked at. Nothing wrong with front end. Shakes between 40 and 60 bad. The only thing is have broke 2 motor mounts (front). What can it be?
neither my front passenger door nor my back door power windows woork as well any my interior lights ?
how do i locate the low pressure port to recharge the a/c
When I try to fill my Pontiac with fuel, the gas just comes right back out. Could it be a plugged vent? Can this be fixed by me?
what causes my heater/def to operate erratically