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Had tires checked and aligment. Had front end looked at. Nothing wrong with front end. Shakes between 40 and 60 bad. The only thing is have broke 2 motor mounts (front). What can it be?
after the car is driven with no problems. Once car is warmed up and driven for aobut 20 to minutes, then shut off. Problem comes back, starts stahls, chokes out no power stahls. once the car is left to sit for a whi...
How do I find the bulb and change the light?
neither my front passenger door nor my back door power windows woork as well any my interior lights ?
how do i locate the low pressure port to recharge the a/c
When I try to fill my Pontiac with fuel, the gas just comes right back out. Could it be a plugged vent? Can this be fixed by me?
I need a new mirror for the driver's side of my car - wondering approx how much it is going to be
whenever I drive my car the temperature gauge rise to red or higher past 200
The power door lock switches on both the driver and passenger doors does not unlock the doors but will lock them. The doors will unlock with keyless entry, central door unlocking, and when the car is shifted to park. ...
My seat belt will not always pull out. If I play with it, it my pull out. What could be causing this.
How difficult is it to remove and replace the front passenger side seat belt.
what causes my heater/def to operate erratically