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When I turn the steerining wheel there's a loud squeaking noise. Then I'm told I need fluid but then we can't find where to put like with the brake fluid, oil, ect. Please help.
tried another relay still same results what else could be my problem checked purple wire for a open it checked out ok
still have only cooler air blowing from vents while moving especially.
Speedometer does not work.
Oil psi gauge reads under 40.(All at idle) flushed radiator no other actions taken because im not sure of the problem.
Also is worse as outside air temperature is warmer. It becomes more apparent. Also will intermittently surge as accelerating is taking place, but not always.
I am having minor electrical issues with my 2004 Pontiac. The gauges act up but eventually go back to normal. Sometimes when I open the doors the radio doesn't turn off or the interior light doesn't come on. Sometimes...
cannot control windows or side mirrors with driverside panel, nor any other passenger door button
The right side blows cold air and left side hot out. I can move air from vent to vent defrost, floor and center but only hot air on driver side
Problem has gotten worse. the service suspension system light comes on. Smell burning rubber sometimes when I come to a stop.
smell antifreeze when the car runs and slowly losing antifreeze. nothing in the oil.
problem just started to occur this morning