Hard shifting


will not crank most of the time...all dash lights work battery has good connection, new starter and solenoid.no theft security light on or flashing bad ignitions switch?

Just bought the car used. The first day, it ran fine. After a couple days, it started idlin' then die. Id have to wait a while for it to start back up. The time varies, also. Sometimes it will last bout am hour, then next day it wont last a few minutes. The MAP sensor has been replaced. The crankshaft/camshaft sensor is also good. Please, I need help.

I was told there is a door module where can I get one at a fair price

sometimes it works just fine but other times it won't come on at all. once during the winter it came on after about 20 minutes of driving but I had just hit a bump in the road, don't know if that had anything to do with it. any suggestions ?

Lights will come on if I do it manually but not automatically with opening door or unlocking doors. I bought the correct harness for car.

Brake, anti lock, & anti traction on dash are on.

I was wondering if I need any specific tools like a puller to do my right front wheel bearing...trying to get it done today so I can get front end alignment done tomarrow. Putting a lot if work miles on car....

When doing the passenger wheel bearing is there any special tools required? I've heard that they are and arnt special tools? If special tools is there a way to get by without it? Would a grand Prix b the same process? I see there are how to videos for them

I finally stopped buying parts and realized the brown wire supplying power to the climate control unit has a break in the line somewhere. I have no idea where to start my search tracing the wire. Can anyone help me out with its origin and or path it takes?