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It sounds like the starter needs replaced but we just had it replaced a week ago. I was driving the other day and when it shifted gears it clunked real hard in every gear. I brought it home and an hour later it shift...
I have removed the glove box but I am unsure how to identify and remove the bad TDM. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.
it just started gettin real hot why? I put new thramoasat iin and it's still getting hot
The driver side temperature control works on both heat & ac. The passesnger side on works on heat no matter what the temperature is set on.
Window will not move need to diagnose
i want to paint my front bumper and i dont kno how to remove it.
I poped the hood then started the car and i can see gas leaking out of the injector every time i try ta start the car
After my car warms up the anti lock light comes on. The manuel says to turn the car off but that only works temporarily. My brother in law says that I have the potential to have my front wheels fall off because of th...
My gas gauge does not work. It's difficult to tell how much gas I have. A individual told me that my fuel pump is going out and when your gas gauge does not work than that is a sign of a bad fuel pump. Also the fuel ...
I have a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville SLE.I need to know where to purchase replacement bulbs for the dash cluster and also bulbs for the radio display.I have the radio out and also the burnt out bulbs unsoldered and out. ...
How much oil do you put in after you have drained all the oil out and replaced the filter?
what are the steps to replace the heater coil on a 2001 pontiac bonneville ssei
coolant runs straight out with out car being started other than the intake what could it be
my son locked hiself inside the car. I used the remote to un lock the car after that the car will not lock or unlock electrically or with the remote, and the windows will not go down. What happened. It has an alarm.
When my ac is on you can hear a loud humming sound coming from what appears to be the fan/blower all of the time? Also, this sound can be heard when the heater is on. I was not give a diagnostic code from the autoshop...