How to manually check the codes for check engine light

Where is the best place to install a fuel pressure gage when trying to run down code P0300 problems?

how do you access the diagnostics for the eatc

Need to replace EVAP Cannister Solenoid; however, I can't locate it on the car. Can you help, i.e., point me in the right direction? Thank you...

i want to test ignition module.where is it located and how do i remove it.

car will not start.replaced coil pack,plug wires & spark from coil pack to #1&4 plugs.could this be a computer problem,or what else could it be.

I have a 2000 Bonneville SSEi with the supercharged V6 my fuel gage is not working correctelly. Everything I read about this problem points to the fuel level sensor the question is for the model year 2000 is there a difference between the fuel level sensor for the regular V6 and the supercherged V6 This is something I can replace myself but I need to know if their is a diffrence between the types of sensors. Any help would be great!

I just purchased the car and when I get out the car I smell like gas.When I turn on the car to see why the heat is not working I smell more gas. I dont think its safe for my children to be driving in the car.what can I do inorder for a mechcanic not to rob me.

computer diagnostic code of P0740-- stated torque converter solenoid was stuck open. Can this be repaired.

fuel pump replaced

why does transmission make a grinding noise while driving

will not start with key .but will start by crossing the starter over

car stalls after it warms up when i stop at a stoplight and has a strange smell also it sometimes it will shift hard

I had tires changed 2 years ago and an alighment done at that time. They told me there was a little loose in the steering shaft as you probably know this defect. Also had the shocks replaced on all 4 wheels last year. The problem still persist. Any advice on my next move?

i have a 2000 bonneville sle with 90K miles and in the last three years it has began to shake on and off at high speeds ranging from 60 to 70 mph. I have changed hubs axles and tires. Dont seem to feel it in the steering more on the gas pedal and the door panels. any idea where to go from here?