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blower only blows on floor and a little bit on passenger side vent
In slow turns when accelerating into parking lots, intersections traction control light comes on and steering is very hard. Mechanic said it was cable being too short on turns but still does it after replacing. Mecha...
no codes showing pop up one morning but no problems before
im not sure what the problem is but it always says full. How much would it be to take it to a mechanic or fix it my self? I also need to know how to fix it! please help!
2000 pontiac bonneville sle it has dual climate control my problem is that the driver side just do blow out cool air but the passenger side gets ice cold both sides is set to 60 degrees, why is this???
I have a ac water leak when the ac is on. The water drains in the passenger side of the car.
turbo charge gage goes from -10 to +10 and car keeps acting like its trying to sputter out or flood out or something i cant under stand what to do can some one help i just got the car used i dont have money to put out...
theft system wil not let the car start
When I accellerate to around 55-60 mph, I the car begins to shake..... I feel it in the steering wheel
i own a 2000 and im looking at a 1999 trans.
How to manually check the codes for check engine light
Where is the best place to install a fuel pressure gage when trying to run down code P0300 problems?
how do you access the diagnostics for the eatc