Cold Engine surges at 1000- 2000 rpm and has rough idle till about 20 min., then it idles and runs normal. I unplugged the MAF sensor and the engine smoothed out and ran normal. Replaced MAF sensor with remanufactured MAF sensor ( not A/C Delco ) and the engine runs perfect. However, if I stop the car a few minutes and restart the warm engine, it surges badly, then stalls.Pretty much undriveable.

Im pretty sure I have a bad cv joint the car clicks when I first take off stop or turn corners

changed fuel pump and filter same problem

I have tried removing the Glove Box but all I find is a large bracket that when the bolts are removed will not come out.

Change Trans oil and filter

both drivers side windows won't go down doors won't lock

The ad has been up and down but now the unit is on but no air is blowing. Need to replace or remove compressor?

All windows but driver side can be controlled by driver control but driver side won't go down or up. Switch or window itself? Diy project or do I need professional help?