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Change Trans oil and filter
both drivers side windows won't go down doors won't lock
The ad has been up and down but now the unit is on but no air is blowing. Need to replace or remove compressor?
All windows but driver side can be controlled by driver control but driver side won't go down or up. Switch or window itself? Diy project or do I need professional help?
we just got the car.It wasn't taken care of.We took it to lakeside muffler and it was doing good till my daughter drove to Colorado. It kept shutting itself off. It would start again in about 20 min. Did this all the ...
Hey! I blew my last engine in my Bonneville (stupid teenager I know) and I recently dropped in a used one. It was running rough and had a CEL (check engine light). I cleaned the EGR valve with a steel brush and carbur...
the voltage drops really low when i step on the break
Today i checked my oil n it kinda smelled like gas n a quart low
oil leaking into #2 cylinder. will it hurt to keep driving it.
Car died when shut off. wasn't getting fuel, replaced fuel pump & sock,still didnt run mech said the new fuel pump was defective, replaced it again still wont workwont run