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How can I solve this problem with the oil gauge?
heat is lost after replacing the battery. Would like to reset by removing the fuse and replacing it to reset.
Dinging when in drive
starts and run great, Plenty of power just smoke like a pig on cold start.
Changed plugs and wires, rotated solenoid packs and still showed 3rd cylinder, replaced fel injector and checked wing harness
popping through intake sounds like timing serpentine was sucked beneath harmonic balancer straightened tabs looks centered on sensor
i dont know if all the recall issues were fixed on the car or is it to late to get it checked on
After removing this bolts, how does the starter come out? there is a frame support which is welded on one side. it appears I have to remove automatic transmission cooling hoses in order to remove starter.
started my vehicle and immediately after starting it stalled tried to start again and acts like its out of gas. the check gauges light comes on and when i have been low on fuel thats like the "low fuel" notification. ...