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The gas gauge is showing 3/4 full and sometimes it would not start like it's out of gas.
my car wouldn't start but when i mess withe battery cable it started this has happen more the once. also my RPM move back a foward
This cars air conditioner will blow cold air for about 2 days when I fill it with freon, the starts blowing out hot air. Need help fast!
will not go in reverse
my heater fan quit working and i am wondering if it could just be a fuse
I was stopping to drop a friend off. I tried to roll up his window but it wouldn't work. I tried to turn the car off and turn it back on to see if the window would roll up. The car wouldn't start. I couldn't hear ...
Car turns on right away, but when i'm driving, the engine revs up. It almost feels as if the engine is choking and gasping for air. I just drov 75 miles from my home. the rev comes and goes. I did a stretch of over 25...
my radiator fans wont turn on ever. motor get to about 220 degrees.
my car will constantly blow hot air on my feet. the digital climate control temperature flashes too.
runs very well,but when you shut it of,theres a strong smell of gas,dont see any leaks ?
does not read right