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was able to jump start it. radio and interior lights work when key is turned to auxilary.
my brake line is spitting brake fluid, i need to know were about, the bleeder valve is located? and if it is an easy change?
How do you replace 'Ignition key Cylinder' 1991' Pontiac Bonneville SSE?
I have pros & cons. Iwas told by one mechanic that as a whole cleaners may do more harm than good. He made one exception for any brand that contained a particular additive, which i don't recall.
my speedmetor cable is not reading is it a cable or something in the computer ?
i thought my gauge was stuck all the way past full, now it goes down to full, when car is off, is it registering at all? and how can i locate the trouble? thanks...
i let my car sit in the garage for a year and a half , did an oil change and it runs fine, but there is a brown film, under the radiator cap? will a flush work?
sometimes at stoplights it sputters when i take off? but then the car runs fine?